22. November 2014

"Angry Hunted Stuffed" Performance Freitag 28.11, 19.00 Uhr, AKA Stuttgart- mit Buchpräsentation

„Angry Hunted Stuffed“ 

Eine Buchpräsentation sowie eine reizende intime Performance 

Freitag 28.11, 19:00 Uhr

Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart, Campus Weißenhof: Altbau, Alte Aula

>>> Buchpräsentation von The Coming of Age, von Cara Benedetto, dem 2ten Buch aus der Reihe Die Frau mit 50 Füssen / IMG

>>> Performance von Christiane Berron, Nehle Bertsch, Tim Ernau, Florian Fischer, Melina Goller, Rosa Gruenwald, Simone Häfele, Iris Hertkorn, Sarah Huber, Sebastian Kaminski, Salome Kuon, Juliane Molter, Carla Montenegro Hörder, Moritz Morath, Fabian Treiber, Hans Winkler….den Studierenden des IMG

(Ein Epilog der Kooperation zwischen Akademie Schloss Solitude und der Staatlichen Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart)


„The Coming of Age" is a romance novel and – at the same time –  it is a pedagogical and cultural critical exercise on the genre of romance.
Cara Benedetto gave the students and professors, involved in this project, a damned object, entlisting us in its damning process. There is no book though it is coming, she said, and her seminar called Writing Anxiety A Way started – here, from the announcement:
Anticipation, as a mode of anxiety or excitement around waiting, points to an event where the anxiety is not only inherent in the building of the event but also the end result. How we deal with an end inevitably leads to how we deal with new beginnings, as well as the present.  
A Sisyphus task of producing and deconstructing anticipation begun. In the department: Damn!! There is no book, though it is coming.  
There is no performance, though we will make it; there is no event, though it will happen. So, we presented works and performances in the theater: a final project occuring between us, and the spaces that we made.  
Damned!! The unfortunate need for communication, for sex, for food; this awkwardness, this inability, this failure. And then she left. Months later she sent us The Coming of Age.    
Thank You Cara for this manuscript that dismantles ‚coming’ as a construction of false desire in both the erotic and the consumer zones. We shall excercise against anticipation as the contemporary imposition of performing everytime and everywhere and the climate it creates for one´s own expectations. That is the battlefield described, the act of writing is the proposal within that fight.  
Thank You Cara for de-placing our own grammar and shuttering our own logic in the process of reading. Every brain cell is part of a sexual space, the head is sex as it is the other's head. The text constructs a space in which characters, animals, skin, temperature and liquids are hanging and swinging in. It enjoys the strong presence of animal watchfulness. It amazes by integrating cheap predictable languages and narratives of porno encounters into a wider space with lots of voices. – Discoteca Flaming Star for the Frau mit 50 Füssen, September 2014

About the series „Die Frau mit 50 Füssen"  
This book is the second in a series of publications on contemporary art inaugurated by the department of Fine Arts/Intermedia Arts at the Academy of Art and Design in Stuttgart.   
The series focuses on artistic practices and discourses of groups and individuals that are central to the department of Intermedia Arts. A proposal for reflecting on performative practices as a way of working with time and space, the handling of objects, and the spending of time together with the audience. Placing oneself into a state of uncertainty, into the intermediate spaces between white cube and black box, museum and theater; negotiating artistic material provisionally and indeterminately, between spectacular presence and dispersed remnants; sounding the depths of temporality between presentness and archive, now and after, life and recording.  
May these cross-fertilizing proposals and thoughts on questions of performativity and on contemporary art in general be helpful and significant, both within and beyond the Academy.
Cara Benedetto is a New York City based artist. Benedetto has held solo shows in New York and Los Angeles, and exhibited internationally as well. Her work has been published with Badlands Unlimited, NY, Qui Parle, Berkeley, A tale of three cities, Berlin, and Night Papers, LA. Benedetto’s work has had recent reviews by The New York Times Magazine, Art in America, and The Art Book Review. She is a founding member of feminist collectives MADAM, Holding Her Shape Collects and H.E.N.S. Cara Benedetto is the first cooperation fellow of Akademie Schloss Solitude in collaboration with Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste Stuttgart. 


Verbreiterungsfach Bildende Kunst / Intermediales Gestalten
Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Künste

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