17. Oktober 2016

KÜNSTLERHAUS STUTTGART /// Künstlergespräch Alkisti Efthymiou, Do., 20.10. 19h

Confusion, exhaustion, boredom and often bitterness
—a conversation with Alkisti Efthymiou

on Thursday 20th October, 7pm at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart

The evening is part of Mixed Feelings, presented by anorak at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart.

It’s hard to know what we institute when we don’t institute but we do know what it feels like.
—Stefano Harney and Fred Moten

Confusion, exhaustion, boredom and often bitterness is a two-part conversation with Alkisti Efthymiou looking at the affective reality of work in precarious (almost) institutions. The evening, set around an artificial campfire, will start with Alkisti sharing her experience and thoughts on her long-running involvement with the Athens Biennale. In this first part, Alkisti will attempt to express the inherent contradictions associated with, on one hand, a commitment to keep on believing in such an institution’s critical creative potential while at the same time struggling with frustratingly unstable conditions of work.
These thoughts will set the framework for a conversation around issues of precarity in a present of ‘crisis’ as ordinary and inscribed in the everyday; about why it feels so difficult to ‘institute’ when there is no way to know that—or what—we are instituting.

Alkisti Efthymiou (b. 1988) is a cultural worker and aspiring academic based in Athens. She is currently pursuing a Master’s in Gender Studies at Panteion University of Social & Political Sciences, while working as Curatorial Assistant at Künstlerhaus Stuttgart. With a background on cultural, queer and feminist theory, she is interested in issues of gender, identity, sexuality, and affect in their convergence with contemporary art. Until last June she worked as Programme Co-ordinator at the Athens Biennale.

Mixed Feelings is hosted and curated by anorak, in collaboration with Künstlerhaus Stuttgart and Palermo Galerie. Taking the form of a dinner, a screening, a conversation, and an exhibition, Mixed Feelings is centred around daily experiences and routines as ways of relating to a shared social sphere—the everyday as an atmosphere.

The exhibition at Palermo Galerie continues until 25th October and is open by appointment.

Anorak is a collective and non-profit organisation including Lukas Ludwig, Johanna Markert, and Florian Model. Our practice is based on collaborative processes which we believe lie at the core of artistic production.

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
Reuchlinstr. 4b
70178 Stuttgart
Open Wednesday–Sunday 12–6pm

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