11. November 2015

Mi., 25. November 2015 //// Vortrag: KÜNSTLERHAUS STUTTGART

John Roberts: History, Historicism and the Temporalities of the Avant-Garde

Mittwoch, 25. November, 19 Uhr

Ein Vortrag des Kunsttheoretikers John Roberts über die Praxis revolutionärer Bewegungen, Historizismus und die Avantgarde, im Setting der Ausstellung e d'ambiente von Jean-Michel Wicker und Michael Kleine.

This talk looks at the ‘contemporaneous non-contemporaneous’ character of the avant-garde in the 21st century. That is, the avant-garde is not a failed ‘event’, but an ongoing research programme of social/asocial strategies, modes of collective practice and learning, and conceptualizing affects, that continually challenge the prevailing logic of market and institution alike. There is no ‘avant-garde’ as such, therefore, but rather - in the spirit of Begriffsgeschichte – a set of research practices and opportunities that are continually refunctioned and repositioned in response to, and in confrontation with, changing social and political circumstances. In this respect, the avant-garde represents an important stake in that range of social experiments that Alain Badiou has identified, with “another order of time”; “a different durée to that imposed by the law of the world.” This means that the avant-garde has a significant part to play in a new politics of time.

John Roberts is Professor of Art and Aesthetics at the University of Wolverhampton. His books include The Art of Interruption: Realism, Photography and the Everyday; The Philistine Controversy (with Dave Beech), Philosophizing the Everyday and The Necessity of Errors and Revolutionary Time. He is also a contributor to Radical Philosophy, Oxford Art Journal, Historical Materialism, Third Text, and Cabinet magazine. He lives in London.

Künstlerhaus Stuttgart
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